SurabayaJS is a user group run by volunteers discussing everything JavaScript.

We meet in borrowed spaces, graciously provided by different companies and organisations. Our purpose is to provide a place where our members have a good time talking about programming, sharing their knowledge and meeting other passionate folks. We keep it friendly, inclusive and positive.

Are SurabayaJS meetups and workshops free to attend?

Except otherwise noted, all events are free. RSVP events via our Eventbrite link at

Who can come to events?

Anyone! Students from any level, developers or engineers from various professions, and even those who are new to programming.

Can I come if I haven't RSVP or quota is full?

Unless informed to attend, RSVP is required because our events have restricted spaces.

I got stuck at traffic. Is coming late okay?

Definitely, just come and join.

I have other questions.

You can join our Telegram group at and discuss with other members. Or visit the community page for more information.